Dear Reader,

We invite you to a public reading by the Yale School of Art Graphic Design Class of 2019.

On May 18, Rosa will describe the art of reading, Zack will skim his surfaces, Severin will playback his tape, Tania will talk to her images, Emma will unfold her book, Liyan will reenact her films, Evan will work in shadows,

Soomin will speak from a distance, Hua will deliver a TED Talk, Hyung will tell you a story about Buster Keaton, Simone will turn the screen ON, Willis will compile a text, Kai will narrate his life, Micah will let his computer do the talking, David will hawk his books, Dho Yee will hide in the audience, and Haeok will read to you from under her hood.

Any day between May 11 and 21, you are welcome to come inside, sit down, and read. On view will be our seventeen thesis books, as well as other projects made during our time at Yale.

The day starts at 3pm, followed by drinks at 6!